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July 25, 2024


Superlink-online is powered by Superlink, a powerful genetic genetic linkage program.
Tasks are automatically divided into small pieces and executed simultaneously using many computers. The running environment is provided by Condor - High Throughput Computing system which allows the usage of idle cycles of hundreds of desktop PCs.
Results are combined and outputted as if they have run by Superlink on a single computer.
Larger files may lose priority over time and be slowed down by the system in favor of other users.
Users are notified by e-email upon task completion. Results of analysis are kept for each user in his private account.

Academic supervisors:Dan Geiger, Assaf Schuster, Rina Dechter
Superlink-online team leader:Mark Silberstein
Current developers of Superlink-online:Omer Weissbrod, Eddie Galfrin, Lars Otten, Nave Zelzer, Sharon Korenblit
Alumni:Ma'ayan Fishelson, Nickolay Dovgolevsky, Anna Tzemach, Ydo Wexler, Julia Stolin, Artyom Sharov, Andrei Anisenia, Oren Shtark, Irena Gannon, Dvir Tuberg

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